Western Union Scam

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Anyone who has been a victim of a scam that paid via Western Union between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017 may be eligible for compensation.   The FTC has reached a settlement with Western Union.   Western Union has set aside $586 million for victims of scams IF the victims sent money through Western Union.

Victims can file a claim with the FTC at www.FTC.gov/WU .  Please advise any victim to file AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  The deadline for filing a claim with the FTC is February 12, 2018.  For more information email Western Union at Westernunionremission.com or call  1-844-319-2124.


This information has been provided by:

Anne Roman, Director

Consumer Assistance Office – Metro West, Inc.

209 West Central Street

Natick, MA 01760


[email protected]