Council on Aging Duties

The duties of the Council on Aging are to:

1. Identify the total needs of the community’s elderly population.

2. Educate the community and enlist the support and participation of all citizens concerning these needs.

3. Design, promote or implement services to fill these needs, or coordinate present existing services in the community.

4. Promote and support any other programs which are designed to assist the elderly in the community.

The Council on Aging works with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs and is cognizant of all State and Federal legislation concerning funding, information exchange and program planning which exists for better community programming for older adults.

The COA gives an annual report in writing, to the Board of Selectmen, with a copy of that report directed to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

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Council on Aging

Final Report on Property Transitions. The Council on Aging, in its continuing efforts to make Sudbury an attractive place for Senior Citizens, conducts occasional surveys. This is the report issued in April 2008 from the results of the survey completed in 2007.

Council on Aging (COA) Application Cover. For those interested in membership in the COA.

Council on Aging (COA) Application for Appointment. One page form to complete


COA Members

Name Position
John Beeler Chairman
Sandy Lasky Member
Jeffrey Levine Member
Robert May Member
Connie Stewart Member
Dr. Patricia Tabloski Member
Amy Unckless Member
 Debra Galloway  COA Staff Member



Results of Sudbury COA Planning Session 5_19_12 (final)

COA Strategic Plan FY2014 Executive Summary